Two-layered ventilated roof without attic

PATENT 30393

Two-layered ventilated roof without attic2018-06-02T17:16:48+00:00

Project Description


The invention belongs to design and construction of open-air ventilated roofs of public and industrial buildings and constructions.

The ventilated roof without an attic has a shape of a two-layer ventilated cavity, in which an air drane is made of corrugations of profiled sheeting with a total height of 114 mm and more, depending on the requirements of the Construction Norms of RK, located in mutually perpendicular direction, which will allow ventilating the roof in any direction of the wind.

For more effective roof ventilation, roof cowls with a section of 300x300mm are placed in the intersection of the air ducts, with an approximate pitch of 6 meters. For the same purpose, the blowouts with a section of 150×200 mm (h) are placed along the entire perimeter of the roof, on the inside of the parapet, uniting all the external ventilation openings.

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