Method for reinforcing monolithic beamless reinforced-concrete slabs

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Method for reinforcing monolithic beamless reinforced-concrete slabs2018-06-02T17:48:26+00:00

Project Description


The invention relates to the field of construction, in particular to a method for increasing the bearing capacity of existing beamless monolithic reinforced floor slabs. In the presence of impermissible deflections of slabs, the deflections are eleminated to the allowable ones with a margin of at least 10 mm, by lifting the slabs with jacks and installing temporary supports after lifting the slabs to the specified height. The slabs are raised not less than two times after each of which tool and visual inspection of structures has to be conducted in order to check for the presence of cracks in the lower part of the reinforced slab in places adjacent to the columns.

In case of cracks, the lifting of the floor slabs by the jacks should be stopped and a make a decision to strengthen without removing the deflection. The method comprisees: 1)  creating of column head with a height of at least 80 mm over the existing reinforced slab at the points where the column connects with the slab; 2) Required longitudinal and transverse reinforcement is placed in the level of the column head with a column of floor slab along the X and Y axes,. Reinforcement is required by calculation, to ensure a reliable connection of the newly created column head with the existing column and floor slab. Its placement is conducted by creating a band of metal plates, with pre-welded the required longitudinal reinforcement in the upper level of the head column in the column alignment.