Connection of slabs in PBS in seismic areas

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Connection of slabs in PBS in seismic areas2018-06-02T17:20:44+00:00

Project Description


Connection of precast above column floor slabs with a height greater than the height of the precast intercolumn slabs allows the design of buildings with spans of more than 6 meters up to 10 meters. The connection of precast slabs is made of two corners located on each of the four sides in the above-slab plates. The precast slabs support the intercolumn slabs, which are supported by short consoles from bent corners to the supports of the intercolumn slabs. Such construction does not prevent the creation of a continuous seismic band from monolithic concrete of the class not lower than B 25 with spatial frames of longitudinal reinforcement of 10A III, or 12 A III diameter. Longitudinal reinforcement goes through U- and R-shaped free lengths of the column drop and intercolumn slabs, forming transverse clamps of the seismic belt.